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The City of Mirrors - Justin Cronin

#THECITYOFMIRRORS AVAILABLE 5/24/16  EXCELLENT ENDING TO THIS TRILOGY!  5 STARS!!!  @jccronin @randomhouse  Wow, have I waited a long time to read this! And believe me, Justin Cronin did not disappoint. I remembered a lot of what had happened in the first two books, well the major things. However, I appreciated the little reminders that I was given in the beginning of the book. How I forgot that Amy put herself up as bait, I have no idea. But it was definitely a great help.

The first part of the book was a little slow, going back to the beginning of Zero's life before and during college, I didn't quite get it, then I realized why we were going there. Sorry to doubt you Professor Cronin! While this one still had its lulls, it also had its peaks or should I say mountains. There were several scenes that I know my heart beat was sky high. It was amazing that it took the destruction of one whole city to get rid of one person. That was pretty cool.

I never understood the Carter deal. Were they in a place where time did not happen? That one still has me wondering.

I can honestly say, that even though it take me three days to read this book, it was definitely worth the wait. Now I am sad that the wait is over. This is undoubtedly one of the best trilogies that I have read and I would recommend it to everyone. This puts all the YA trilogies to (which are still good) in an infantile category. I will certainly miss the crew and hopefully I will get to see them on the big screen in the future! That would certainly make my day! HOLLYWOOD, are you listening?

Huge thanks to Random House/Ballantine for approving my request, my fingers were crossed the whole time I was waiting. And also to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. WHAT A GREAT BOOK!!