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This Too Shall Pass: A Novel - Milena Busquets

#THISTOOSHALLPASS  AVAILABLE 5/24/16  JUST NOT FOR ME  3 STARS!  @milenabusquets @crownpublishing  

This is the story of a 40 something woman dealing with the death of her mother who was the matriarch of her family's fortune. For me, it was just okay. It was mostly a lot of conversations about how Blanca is now the new matriarch and how is she going to be able to handle it all. Her mother was the hostess and now she must be. She must entertain guests on their yacht and in the family palace, what is she to do?

There were also a lot of conversations about sex, who, when, what, where. It wasn't explicit, it was just a lot of talk about it.

I guess I just couldn't really get into this book at all listening to these people complain because the waitstaff was slow or something was not exactly as they had asked for. I don't live that life, nor will I ever. And the life that I do live, I am not snobby to waitresses and bartenders. So the whole premise and situation of the book kind of just left a bad taste in my mouth. It just wasn't for me.

Thanks Crown Publishing and Net Gallery for the opportunity to read this e-galley and share my review.