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The Pursuit of Pearls  - Jane Thynne

#THEPURSUITOFPEARLS  AVAILABLE 5/3/16  5 STARS!  WONDERFUL TAKES YOU BACK - YOU ARE THERE READ!  @janethynne  @randomhouse  This story takes place right before the beginning of WWII, when there are rumors everywhere about everything. Rationing has started in Germany. Book degenerate art burning has started. The Jews are starting to lose their business, although some are still being hidden and used. Hitler is inviting SS officers and special guests to his home to watch movies. They’ve just had a birthday parade for him which lasts 5 hours.
However, there are some who believe that Hitler is not the answer and they are the underground movement. Spreading pamphlets, newsletters, etc. that Goebbel’s hasn’t censored.
This story is pretty much about the spies who are trying to keep an eye on Hitler and trying to stop his destruction before it starts. It was very interesting and I am really glad I got the opportunity to read this one. There was a lot of suspense in the sense that you never knew who was following you or who would turn you in just because they didn’t like you. They were also going around this time in the early stages of taking away the Jew’s business. The main character, Clara, was part Jewish but felt safe since she had papers stating otherwise. Until they were lost in the Seine. This was really just a thrilling, enigmatic story that includes a murder, the threat of being caught spying, the threat of just anything the SS wanted to blame you for and also the underworld of the underground and how they work.
I thought it humorous the jokes that everyone would make of some of the SS officers among the rankings. There was also a lot of name dropping going on as this also takes place on a movie set wherein Clara is an actress. ‘
For me, this was an exceptional read and definitely held my interest. This was a time when the world was in turmoil and I think the author did a great job portraying that in this story. I will have to say while some things were summarized at the end. There was a huge cliffhanger at the end. Will Clara and Leo be back?
Huge thanks to Random House and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. I just loved, loved, loved this book. It was WONDERFUL, really took me back to those days.