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Admiral (An Evagardian Novel) - Sean Danker-Smith

#ADMIRAL AVAILABLE 5/3/16  4 STARS @silverbaytimes @acerocbooks   This was definitely not my usual genre, but I was entertained for the most part. While a lot of times, I didn’t understand the pieces of equipment or mechanical apparatuses that were being used, it didn’t bog me down. There were a lot of parts in this book that went pretty fast and held you on to the edge of your seat. Then there would be parts that would be kind of slow.
The author did a great job with the summarization at the end of the book which helped to put a lot of the pieces together. Such as how they ended up on that planet, who this “Admiral” was and what the exact mission was supposed to be. I will have to say the parts that had you on the edge of your seat were pretty good. I could just imagine myself in those long dark corridors and it felt pretty creepy. I would say I enjoyed this book, although for some reason I thought it was a submarine under the water when I requested it. Boy, did I get a surprise. Ha!
Thanks Berkley Publishing and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review this fast paced, definitely needs to be read before bedtime book.