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Dear County Agent Guy: Calf Pulling, Husband Training, and Other Curious Dispatches from a Midwestern Dairy Farmer - Jerry Nelson

#DEARCOUNTYAGENTGUY  AVAILABLE 5/3/16  HUMOROUS  STORIES  4 STARS!  #JERRYNELSON @workmanpub  This was a pretty funny book. The stories were all pretty short along with the book. There were several laugh out loud moments especially during the stories about the author and his wife. She definitely deserves an award for some of the stuff that she's put up with.

I also got a full blown description of what lutefisk is. Gross! I read Murder mysteries and this was the first time I almost threw up from a book. Ugh!

I digress, I thought the author did a great job with his stories and I enjoyed reading them. I don't think you necessarily have to be a farmer to enjoy this book as he pretty well explains what he's talking about so you do get the gist of the story. I would recommend this book if your into humor.

Thanks to Workman Publishing and Net Galley for the opportunity to read, review and get to know Jerry Nelson a little better in exchange for an honest review.