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The Assistants - Camille Perri

#THEASSISTANTS AVAILABLE 5/3/16  GREAT AND HUMOROUS READ 4 STARS!  @camilleperri @randomhouse  I just loved this story!! It's great when the underdogs stand up and get heard. I chuckled quite a few times. I had to keep reminding myself that this was present day. There were so many things such as the language and the treatment of women that confused me. Maybe that was because I had just read a book that took place in a newsroom in 1915 and my brain kept going back there. Or maybe the fact that I had never worked for large corporations, only smaller entrepreneurial companies and women just weren't treated quite like that. I digress.

The story was well written, with great characters and a lot of humor. There was also some emotional factors and I really felt for these women. I wanted to hang out with them at the back table at Bar Nine!!! There were so many lines that the author wrote that were just so good. They just flowed, although I am going to have to look up that Fassbender remark.