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The Girl from the Paradise Ballroom: A Novel - Alison Love

#THEGIRLFROMTEPARADISEBALLROOM  AVAILABLE 4/19/16  4 STARS!  @alisonlove5 @bookbroads  This was a very entertaining and interesting story that really held my interest. I love stories from this time period. While most of them are mostly talking about the war and what Germany was doing, this one hinted at Germany. But for the most part, it dealt with England and how they were dealing with the war. Whether there was going to be a war, where it would play out and what about all the refugees that had fled to their country.

It was also about several love stories and about stories that really didn't have any love. It was well written with great characters and had me rooting for a certain couple throughout. It was wonderful and bitterly sad as well. I would recommend this book.

Huge thanks to Broadway Books and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.