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Poisonous: A Novel (Max Revere Novels) - Allison Brennan

#POISONOUS  AVAILABLE 4/12/16  4 STARS!  @Allison_Brennan  @StMartinsPress

Wow, this book has some serious plot twists going on and a huge list of suspects. The story was a good one about cyber bullying and there was a lot of it going on. The murder victim actually thought it was making her popular when people "liked" her bullying posts. That in of itself is pretty scary. There were several characters that really touched me and I felt for them because I felt they were way too young to have to deal with stuff like this. It was just sad.

I do have to say there were several things that grated on me. Max doesn't have many friends and her boyfriend won't talk about the issues with his ex. Well, go out and make friends or shut up. His ex sounds like a "B" and what's it your business. You've never been married or raised kids. Once or twice bringing up these issues okay, but the author went a little overboard for me.

Okay, that's done with. Other than those issues, I really enjoyed the book and am now just finishing it and writing my review in the wee hours of the morning. So yes, I could not put it down. I wasn't even close to knowing who the suspect was. I knew a lot of people who it was not, but that did not help me a bit in being able to shut the book, turn off the light and go to bed. Ugh! Ha!

So huge thanks to St. Martin's Press and Net Galley for allowing me the opportunity to read and review this very entertaining book which I could not put down.