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Three-Martini Lunch - Suzanne Rindell

#THREE-MARTINILUNCH AVAILABLE 4/5/16  5 STARS!!  Loved it!! @SuzanneRindell @PutnamBooks  I was so excited to see Suzanne Rindell's second book being offered on Net Galley for review. I LOVED her first book! So I put in a request and literally jumped for joy when I got approved. It's been sitting on my TBR pile for a while since it doesn't come out until April and I was so glad to see that I could move it up the list.

What a GREAT read! I'm sitting here finished with the book looking around and no one, no one, knows what a great story I have just finished. It touched all of my emotions. There were so many characters I loved, so many I felt sorry for and so many that I just wanted to beat the crap out of. The characters just seemed so lifelike that I could imagine sitting in Greenwich Village at the bars and just having a good time. I certainly felt for Eden, a women trying to be a career person in the late 1950's, why that's unheard of. Poor Miles so wronged. And then there were the villains. How can people be so low??

As you can tell, I really did get into this book and am now sorry that it's done. Sometimes I hate that I read so fast and this is one of them. What a beautiful, sad, heartbreaking and full of ups and downs this book has been. This will definitely be on my list for the best of 2016.

Huge, huge thanks to Putnam and Sons for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.