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The Feathered Bone - Julie Cantrell

#THEFEATHEREDBONE  5 STARS!  Great read, could not put it down!  @JulieCantrell @ThomasNelson  This was a very well written story which I truly enjoyed reading. There were a lot of subjects covered in this book much of which took place before and during Katrina. So not only these day to day issues, an abduction, an unfaithful husband, a divorce, a suicide, etc, you had the total wrath of a category 5 hurricane.

There was definitely a lot of people questioning their beliefs and one major person who should have been showed more courage than a whole group of people. The author wrote a story that had me glued to the pages and I just could not put this book down.

Thanks to Fiction Guild and Thomas Zondervan for sending me this book in hopes that I would read and review it. It's definitely a winner in my book.