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You Were Here - Cori McCarthy

#YOUWEREHERE  4 STARS  AVAILABLE 3/1/16  @CoriMcCarthy @Sourcebooks

When I first started reading this, I thought definitely a YA book due to the amount of teenage angst. However, the farther I got along, I realized that it would also appeal to adults as as the angst became less and the matters started dealing more with the topic of death.

I found this book to be a very emotional one, definitely filled with sadness and with teenagers trying to grow up and move on. There were several twists in the book that really took a toll on the friends and I liked the adult way they finally began to handle it.

Like I said, while a very sad and emotional book, I did enjoy reading and seeing these kids learn something about themselves instead of plunging off the deep end.

Huge thanks to Sourcebooks for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. A little morbid, yes, but one I do recommend especially for teenagers who are always accepting dares or doing dangerous stuff while drinking.