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Girl Last Seen - Heather Anastasiu, Anne Greenwood Brown

#GIRLLASTSEEN  5 STARS!!  AVAILABLE 3/1/16  @AnneGBrown @h_anastasiu  @AlbertWhitmanA girl goes missing. No one has heard from her for days. The list of suspects is short. Until you start learning about Kadence. Then the list of suspects grows and grows. You even want to add yourself to the list because you know if you were one of the people that she wronged, you would have killed her yourself.

About three quarters of the way through the book, your wanting to give an award to whoever did it. This girl was just bad, I mean evil. Before the end, you figure it out. However, the ending, definitely throws you for a loop.

This is being promoted as a YA book, but as an adult, I very much enjoyed it. There a lot of plot twists and little things that happen that you don't really see as anything until the very end. Because you can't see all the little strings being pulled, it's not really one that keeps you up all night. However, the explanations at the end will definitely send shivers down your spine. And these are teenagers!!! That's the scariest part of all.

I highly recommend this book. I am still creeped out by some of these characters and what they did and I finished the book hours ago. This one will haunt you a long, long time.

Huge thanks to AW Teen for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. Write this one down - GIRL LAST SEEN!!!