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Fire in the Firefly - Scott Gardiner


Wow, I'm not really sure what to write about this book. I found parts of it pretty funny - the vasectomy issue - the whole thing was pretty funny.

However, there were times that the main character, Julius would go off on a tangent about something and . . . I was lost. Not only lost, but not even interested. He reminded me of one of those people who talked because he liked to hear himself talk.

The rest of the characters provided nothing good to the story. His wife was mechanical and cold, her friend was a bossy idiot and his mistress, well she seemed to be the only human in his life.

I think without the whole vasectomy issue - having it done, the recovery, the issues afterward, the other issues afterward, and then the three backfires - this book would have lacked any appeal at all. Frankly without all of that, I doubt I would have been able to give this book more than one star.