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Love - Caroline Kepnes

#HIDDENBODIES AVAILABLE 2/23/16  4 STARS  @atriabooks  @carolinekepnes

Joe is one strange character. Do not make him mad. Don't even pretend to make him mad. Don't even look like your going to make him mad. While I did not read the first book, I got the gist of what transcended.

I'm pretty sure that there will be a third book, because it seems Joe can't go anywhere without running into some kind of trouble whether asked for or not. And he does have that cake in the oven.

This was definitely an unusual book. I'm laughing while I'm writing this. He runs into the strangest characters. The dude with the rolodex was by far the funniest.

I am now going to have to go back in time and read about Joe pre Love. Talk about weird, that it will be.

I truly enjoyed reading this book and listening to Joe reason with himself and try to figure out the world and things in front of him. He is one weird and lucky character!

Thanks to Atria Books for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. I recommend you pick Joe up and get to meet him. See what everyone's talking about. I think you will like him.