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The Swans of Fifth Avenue: A Novel - Melanie Benjamin

#TheSwansofFifthAvenue  5 Stars!  Available 1/26/16  @RandomHouse @MelanieBen

This is my second book by Melanie Benjamin and like the other, I absolutely loved it! I knew of Truman Capote and that he had written "In Cold Blood" and that he was a strange looking thing that sort of talked funny as I had seen him on the talk shows growing up. I remember him clapping his hands and sitting on his feet all excited about the story he was telling. I never knew about his swans and the book that he wrote about them.

What I loved most about this book was googling those women and seeing their images. It gave me a real connection to the characters like I have never had. I even saw the picture of Penelope Tree (whom I had never heard of) in her black and white ball attire. If those women freaked about that showing of midriff, they could not even prepare for what was to come. HA!!!

Of course, that does not take away anything from the author and the conversations that she imagined and shared with us. The characters were already developed before I decided "Hey, I can look these women up on Google".

What a fascinating story of a poor man who makes it rich and still isn't happy and a rich girl who has everything and still isn't happy until they both come together. However, due to their lives and human makeup, they would never be together. It was an ecstatic, slow and moving journey to the top and a short, crashing journey to the bottom.

The book was an absolute gem even without the characters being famous, it would have been a great story. The fact that it was true only makes it that much sadder. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. While I had to put it down to put up Christmas decorations, I was thinking the whole time that I could not wait to get back to it. The wait was two days too long, but worth it when I made it back.

I highly recommend this book. Written during an era when a big change was coming to America, the swans were some of the last of their breed. Reading how the author shows us how the world was and how it was becoming through their eyes held my interest throughout and totally entertained me along the way.

Huge thanks to Random House/Ballantine and Net Galley for approving me to receive a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book! Melanie Benjamin has just moved up the ranks on my TBR author list!