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 The Girl With No Past  - Kathryn Croft

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I was a little disappointed with this one. While there were several thrilling scenes, the history kept bugging me. If this girl had no past, why did she need a therapist? And why did she hate the town she grew up in? Why was someone threatening her? I think the title just really messed with my mind while reading this story. Because she did have a past and it was a horrible past.

The writing was done well and the characters were well developed. I just had a problem with the thriller part as to why someone was doing all of this to her. I mean these were some outlandish, really thought out tricks. Then when I heard the history it all came together. Maybe that is what the author intended. I enjoyed reading the book and was entertained so possibly I am criticizing something the author had planned to begin with, so the jokes on me. Ha!!

I just didn't find it gripping throughout the whole book, however as the blurbs would suggest. It was rather slow until about halfway. Then it picked up and was a much better book for me as the thriller part really began to take off. And when it did, then the blurbs were worth their weight. The history part was really shocking!

I think the title and the blurbs took off a half star for me. It really wasn't a bad book, it just took a while to get into it.

I would like to thank Bookouture and Net Galley for this free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. As I said, it took a while for the thriller part, but it was worth it if your willing to wait.