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Prosecco & Paparazzi (The Passport Book 1) - Celia Kennedy

4 Stars!  #ProseccoandPaparazzi  @KennedyCelia  @BrendaKissko  Available now

A great lighthearted, entertaining romantic, comedy that I absolutely loved reading. The writing was great, the story was great, and the characters were likable and well developed. And, none of them got on my nerves and there really wasn't any redundancy. It was just a charming little read that was good for me since I read so many morbid and grisly stories!

There was a lot of sex in the story, but the majority of it was implied or suggested and I did not have to skip any pages. Although, since this was a new affair, I do have to say, it's no wonder this couple were hurting towards the end of the book. HA!!!

I would definitely recommend it. And the rom/com dude in the story sounds really dreamy. Actually, most of the guys do.