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What Was Mine: A Novel - Helen Klein Ross

4 Stars!  #WhatWasMine  @GalleryBooks  @HelenKleinRoss  Out 1/5/16

This was one creepy book. I think it was even more creepy than a grisly murder book. The thoughts that the woman had while taking another woman's child. They were so real. The writing was great. I really felt like I was in that woman's head and was experiencing everything with her and with the mother that had lost her child. I kept wondering throughout the book, was this a real story? I had requested the book a while back and hadn't read the blurb right before starting to read it. The way it read, I could not tell.

At first, I felt no empathy for the kidnapper at all. But my feelings changed as the book went on. I can't explain how or why.

I just know that this was an excellent books that brought out a lot of mixed feelings for me at the end. I thought it was great story, well written with great characters. I took off a star because I think the ending was kind of just dropped off the cliff. It was like the word quota was met and the words "The End" was put into place. However, don't let that stop you from reading this book. It will definitely touch you as a mother. I just wish there was more there.

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