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What She Knew: A Novel - Gilly MacMillan

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Rachael is a divorced photographer and she and her son, Ben, are in the woods not unlike any other Sunday. Ben asks if he can run ahead to the swings. She says sure. When she reaches the swings, Ben is gone. Nowhere to be found.

This is a story of looking for Ben. It is unlike any other story I have read about a child who has been abducted. Sure, they are looking for Ben, but there is a lot of focus on the mother. Everyone suspects the mother. The media gets involved, blogs go up, and a lot of anonymous hateful people have their say.

It's also different in the affect that it has on the main police detective as there are sessions with his therapist during the book. Apparently this case took a toll on him. A lot of the book deals with how he deals with the abduction and with the people he's looking for and the people he questions.

It's like a lot of the book deals with the mother and the main detective and their thoughts, feelings and what they are doing to get Ben back. The mother takes a lot of abuse as everyone thinks she did it, which of course, is very hard on her. And then she finds out different things about her support team during this journey that doesn't help her a bit.

This was definitely a different look at how most abduction novels read and I cannot believe this was a debut novel! This was definitely a winner in my book. I just could not put it down as I had to know who took Ben. The list of suspects is long with the mother right there pointing the police in the right direction every time.

I definitely recommend this book!!!