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The Tears of Dark Water - Corban Addison

5 Stars!  #TheTearsofDarkWater  @ThomasNelson   @CorbanAddison

I received this book in the mail, it didn't say who it was from or anything. I looked at the cover and I was like, I've never even heard of this book or author. The next day, I got the same book again and it was from Fiction Guild. And I was like okay, guess I will be reading this one.

Wow, was I surprised! I absolutely got into this book after the first couple of chapters and COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! There was a lot going on in this book. A couple who let the work rat race come between their marriage, a man and a son who took off for a journey around the world, an FBI negotiator who has a twin sister who works for a well known Washington law firm, Somali pirates and a history of Somali. Even Captain Phillips (the role portrayed by Tom Hanks in the movie of the same name) was mentioned in this book.

You can imagine how all this comes together, but you can't imagine that the story is only half way over after the hostage crisis. You will have so many feelings for the hostages, plus so many different feelings for one of the hostage takers. It's like no book that I have ever read. Suspenseful, emotional, sad, characters facing all their demons and fears and just down right entertaining and intriguing. I profoundly recommend this book as it makes you judge your own character as well as you think "just what would I have done?".

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review!