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A Respectable Actress - Dorothy Love

4 Stars!  #ARespectableActress  @ThomasNelson  @WriterDorothy

This was a pretty good historical fiction for the most part. I enjoyed it for the most part. However, there were times that questions were answered and then all of a sudden a new surprise arises and then the quest is on for that answer. Not that that is a bad thing. It was just kind of funny, it was like, "oh by the way".

I really enjoyed the book though. I hadn't really read anything from the time period right after the civil war where this takes place. You have all these beautiful mansions and some are in disrepair and some aren't but a lot of them are missing furniture or other buildings that used to be on the property. It just depends on which houses the soldiers went through. Then you also have the owners and the slaves not really knowing how to treat each other as well. All of that was wonderfully portrayed in this story. Along with the main theme of an actress shooting an actor while on stage in front of an audience.

It was definitely a different era and the author made me feel as though I was living it while I was reading this book. I was time traveling while sitting at my desk. The characters seemed very real to me and I could hear the swishing of their dresses as they came down the staircases.

This was a great story and I enthusiastically recommend the book. I sped through the pages as I had to know the outcome of the jury. I felt as if I were the one on trial.

Thanks Thomas Nelson for providing me a free copy of this book so that I can provide an honest review. What a great afternoon I had reading this book!