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Fishing with RayAnne - Ava Finch

4 Stars!  #FishingwithRayAnne  Lake Union Publishing  @Ava_Finch

I wasn't sure exactly why I picked this one to read, but I'm really glad that I did. It's kind of a different one. It has a smidgeon of romance, some about being a woman, more about a woman in a career and a LOT about family.

At first I was getting a little aggravated with this girl who was supposed to just supposed to substitute for a while they found a real host. Well this went on for over well than a year and a half and she was on salary, no contract. I like strong female roles, and this one was not living up to my expectation. Then I realized, RayAnne had a little naivety and an inferiority complex and I grew to love her.

While you probably won't believe it, but this was actually a VERY entertaining book and I really enjoyed reading it. There are definitely some quirky characters in here (most of them are the guests on her fishing show) but the looniest of all of them are her parents. I mean, it's really sad when Badger spells out the initials of your father's wives. There were also many humorous moments in here. And yes, there were tears at the end.

It was a book that I could not tell you why I picked it, was glad I did and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thanks Lake Union and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.