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White Collar Girl: A Novel - Renee Rosen

5 Stars!  #WhiteCollarGirl  @penguinusa  @reneerosen

I really liked this book. A book about a girl in the 1950's who wants to tread up the ladder to no woman's land and be a journalist.

She takes a lot of knocks, abuse and harassment, but she is determined.

This was another book that I just could not put down. Jordan wants so bad to be a journalist that she sometimes forgets that it could put her in life and death situations, but all she thinks about is the story. A good thing for her career and a bad thing for her social life.

If you started early enough in business like I did, you will remember those days when it was hard to break the walls of the good ole' boys and the author has done a stupendous job of portraying just how hard it was in those days. The boys not only will not help Jordan, they hand their coffee cups over for a refill. Jordan has to find someway, somehow to stump those boys and get the stories first. They certainly are not going to hand them to her.

Meanwhile, Jordan battles with herself. She doesn't think the hit and run death of her brother was an accident. But, the case is old, how can she prove he was murdered?

This had everything you could want in a book and I just sped through it. As I said I just could not put it down. I was rooting for Jordan and all females as I read this book. While it is about equality, it is also about other issues of the time as well. It truly portrayed an excellent rendering of the late 1950's and early 1960's. You could feel the vibe, the clothing, the cars and the atmosphere. A truly well written book.

Thanks Penguin/NAL and Net Galley for this free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. I truly recommend this book! It was awesome!