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The Sister Pact - Stacie Ramey

4.5 Stars!  #TheSisterPact  @Sourcebooks  @stacieramey
This was one hard book to read due to the subject matter. Twos sisters have made a pact that if one commits suicide, the other will do the same. Well, one night the oldest does that and leaves the youngest wondering, why didn't she take me? The story is rather sad as Allie tries to figure out what happened that night that Leah couldn't wait for her.

Allie sees Leah everywhere. She's helping her dress, fixing her hair, telling her that certain people are no good for her. It's like she never left, but Allie knows that she has. Her painting suffers, she suffers. She blames herself.

Slowly, the answers come out.

This was a very good book, but like I said, the subject matter was a little intense. While reading it, I felt for Allie and just could not put it down. There was something going on there. A reason. A reason why Leah did that to herself and I just had to know. Allie and Leah were so close. What made Leah do that to herself? She had a great life; or did she?

I seriously could not put this book down. Little by little the reader is given hints and insights into the family life of Allie and Leah and their friends. You learn little secrets along the way, which build up, in Leah's mind, to the final straw. This book was very well written and was an excellent YA book. I also think that adults would be interested in reading this as well. I know that I was. I really got close to the sisters and my heart poured out to Allie as she tried to be normal as a teenager, of which there is no normal in that phase of life.

I would like to thank Sourcebooks and Net Galley for providing me with this free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. I found the book very emotional, real and heartfelt. I could not put it down and definitely recommend it!