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Cries in the Night by Roberts, Lori(October 15, 2015) Paperback - Lori Roberts

3 stars!  #CriesintheNight  @CHPublishing  @Iamloriroberts

Early on in this book I thought what a great creepy novel this would be for Halloween. Then about 1/3 of the way through, I was like "okay, I get it, the house is haunted". Then about 1/2 of the way through I was like "okay, everyone knows it's haunted, the wife, the tour director of the haunted ghost rides, the husband, the paranormal video guys, me; the reader, my roommate who I've told during smoke breaks, EVERYONE KNOWS!!!. What I'm saying is that the author kind of wore this part into the ground. It could have been way shorter. I was actually kind of turned off by this time, but I just had to know what the real story was and why were the ghosts there. Yeah, dangle that carrot.

I think this book could have received at least another star had it been shortened. It seriously was on its way to becoming a really good and creepy book, but the author just took too long telling us the house was haunted. I mean the ghosts were doing practically the same thing over and over there for a while and then suddenly they started doing more after about 100 pages.

And what about the lady next door? There were suggestions made about her but nothing was elaborated on. I think some time could have been spent on her and less on telling us the house was haunted. And, if Delaney did guided tours for haunted houses, why wasn't this house on the tour?


I do love the cover though!

Thanks Canterbury House and Net Galley for providing a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.