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The Gap of Time: A Novel (Hogarth Shakespeare) - Jeanette Winterson

4.5 stars  #GapofTime  @CrownPublishing  @Wintersonworld
When I saw that this was a take off from one of Shakespeare's plays, I was so hoping it wasn't written like one of his plays. Then when I started reading it, I was like, oh no, it is. But, thankfully, that was just the first few pages of the book. I would have never got finished with the book if it had of been written like that through the whole book. Geesh!

I loved this book. It was such a good story! And it was a lot like the Shakespeare story except done in modern times. There was definitely a lot of sadness. It started out so lovingly and then bam, jealously sets in and the husband goes cray cray. So sad. He made life miserable for everyone around him.

Huge thanks to Crown Publishing and Net Galley for a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review regarding this very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable read. I definitely recommend it!