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The Kill Box: A Jamie Sinclair Novel - Nichole Christoff

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This was a pretty good book. Towards the end, I think the author was seriously running out of people to kill though. Seemed like people were being murdered everywhere. I'm exaggerating, but it did seem that way. HA!

One thing I did not get was the fact that this Adam guy had just spent the last seven months recuperating at Jamie's house in Washington, D.C. Then he's visited in the middle of the night by this Vance guy and told that Eric needs him. Then he's like "Jamie who?". The only time he really notices the fact she's around is when someone else is hitting on her.

The writing and action in the book was good, but I couldn't stand the way this guy treated her and she kept hanging around. Apparently since this was book 3 in the series and he was a veteran he must have had some brain damage doing his duty. That's the only reason I could think why this woman would let this man treat her this way. I'm sure I would have enjoyed the book a whole lot more if I hadn't spent most of it want to slap this dude.

I tried to overlook him and the story got a lot better for me. It actually was a very good story. I knew Hayley's downfall was borrowing Jamie's coat. Of course, as well as many murders, there were many suspects. There was even a 20 year old cold case that gets solved as well. There was definitely a lot of action going on and it definitely kept me interested. Several times, I had to yell and tell this Jamie girl "no, don't go there". Of course, she didn't listen. HA! I do recommend this book if you can over that eejit Adam.

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