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The Lake House: A Novel - Kate Morton

5 stars!! Can you give more?  #TheLakeHouse  @AtriaBooks    Kate Morton
Oh my gosh, this book was soooo good!!! I am really sad that it's over, even though it's like 600 pages long. There were actually three stories going on here. One was a present day case which got the detective into a bit of trouble and so she was on mandatory leave allowing her time for the second story. The second story and the most involved in the book was a 70 year old cold case that took place near where her grandfather now lives. She stumbled upon the case by accident and with free time decided to look into it. And boy, is it a case. An 11 month old child disappears back in 1933 or 1934 with hundreds of people on the property and no one saw nothing and he has never been found. The third story is merely hinted at and not really dwelt upon, but it deals with the child the detective gave up when she was a pregnant teenager.

The cold case has the reader and the family blaming just about everyone. And most of the suspects are in the family. I can say enough about how good this story was. It was well written. It went back and forth in history to present time and let the reader know what era was being talked about. The characters were well developed and for the most part likable. The family is what you would consider upper class with a nanny and servants along with gardeners. The only kidnapping that had happened before this (according to the story) was the Lindbergh kidnapping and police were stumped. Especially since there was not a ransom note.

I'm not sure if this review is coming across as to how good this story is, but believe me, it will definitely be on my top 12 for 2015. There was not once that I was bored with this book, as a matter of fact, I could not read it fast enough. It starts with a female running and hiding something and with a little boy missing. And then it goes years back and starts talking about how this family began. So you definitely know something is going to happen and that a female is involved somehow, someway.

I would like to thank Atria Books for sending me this ARC. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries that leave you going "what?".
This book goes on sale October 22, 2015.