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Playing with Fire: A Novel - Tess Gerritsen

4.5 stars!  PlayingWithFire  @randomhouse BallantineBooks  @tessgerritsen
Okay, there was absolutely no way I saw that ending coming. I'm like looking down at my Kindle and it's teling me less than an hour left to go and we still don't know why her precious little daughter is going into those seizures, fits, or whatever.

This was one creepy book. You've got a three year old beautiful little daughter who kills the cat. Just doesn't stab him once, but stabs him three times? Is this the making of a psycho or just a coincidence? Then a few days later, she's stabbing her mom in the thigh hollering "hurt mommy, hurt mommy". Okay, I would be scared of this kid as well. I don't care how cute she is or that she's mine. Oh did I mention that she left a toy on the next to the last step and the mother tripped over it and went flying down the stairs? Yeah, I would not be able to shut my eyes at night.

However, there is a correlation between all these incidents and Julia is determined to find out what it means.

This was one creepy little thriller. While the whole book wasn't creepy, taking the reader back to the holocaust might as well have been. This was a very well written book and had great character development, duh, it's Tess Gerritsen. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting out on my back patio today reading this book. I'm certainly glad that it was daylight as I would not want to start reading this before bedtime. The ending seemed like it was a little short, but all the answers were there, I guess I was just so into it that I wasn't ready for it to end. And it was a short read, under 300 pages. I would say this book had everything you would want from a psychological thriller as my heart is still beating pretty fast. I know there were several times during the book that I would just about jump out of my chair but that was because the ducks would quack and I would be so into it that I would jump. HA!!!

Huge thanks to Ballantine Books and Net Galley for providing me with this free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. I definitely recommend this very entertaining book!!