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House Trained - Jackie Bouchard

4.5 stars!  HOUSE TRAINED    LAKE UNION   @Jackie Bouchard
This book started out hilarious with Alex overhearing her husband of over 18 years in the shower talking to his penis. He thinks she's left the house for work. Then it got down to the serious business the next day she gets the real shocking news. Barry has an 18 year old daughter with his ex girlfriend, Jade, which he never knew about until three days ago. Alex and Barry had decided a long time ago that they did not like kids and would be okay without having any. This definitely puts a damper on their life plans. They invite Maria to dinner the next night and she shows up on the door step with a 15 month old daughter, Ruthie, which surprise, neither Alex nor Barry knew about.

It's interesting how quickly Ruthie starts tugging on Barry and Alex's heartstrings and the challenges they now face having a small child in their home. There are lots of antics involved in the decision of what will happen with Wren and her daughter and then there's the ex girlfriend trying to mooch back into the new family nest. There's also the little matter that Alex's business is about to bankrupt them and oh yeah, their house burns down and they loose everything. And a little surprise comes out of that in which both Alex and Barry handle very well.

This is a very good story, while there are a lot of troubles, it does actually leave you in a feel good mood. I actually want to see more of this family and see just what does happen to Barry, Alex, Wren, Ruthie and Maria. And I think the evil side of me wants to see a little more comeuppance for Jade. She wasn't public stoned in the center of town or live on TV yet, so there's that. HA!!

Actually I truly enjoyed this book and was very entertained. I seriously do want a sequel. I just can't go with "and they lived happily every after" in my mind. There's got to be some more dirt dished out to several people and I NEED to read about it!!!

Thanks Lake Union Publishing and Net Galley for providing me with this free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. I highly recommend this book!!