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Guaranteed to Bleed - Julie Mulhern

4 stars!  GUARANTEED TO BLEED  @HeneryPress  @JulieKMulhern
There were a lot of strange and creepy characters running around in this book. I didn't like that Hess guy from the beginning. And that Quin dude? Her mother sets Ellison up with him? Ewwww!!!

I found this book to be funny, quirky, suspenseful, heartbreaking and just down right sad.

The characters and the story were very well developed and I enjoyed reading the book with the exception of the subject matter of why Donna ran away. It's terrible that that kind of stuff happens. The mother did the right thing and I think that extreme measures should be taken to insure that it doesn't happen. But don't let that throw you off this book. It's just a personal matter to me. I truly did enjoy reading the book and was very entertained and would recommend it to everyone.

Huge thanks to Henery Press and Net Galley for the free e-galley in exchange for an honest review!