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Twain's End - Lynn Cullen

4 Stars!!  #TwainsEnd  @GalleryBooks  @LynnCullenBooks

This was definitely an interesting read. I definitely did not know that he had written that many books. And, of course, I definitely did not know that he had a thing with his secretary. He could seem like such a nice man and then all of a sudden just go off. Apparently it wasn't just an old age thing as his daughters didn't like him either.

It's interesting to note that the world's best loved man hated by anyone who knew the real man.

I liked the way this book was written and I think the author did a great job. I really liked the end where she spells out how she got her information and fills in some of the pieces.

I still don't understand what changed his mind there at the end, but then apparently no one does.

I found this to be interesting, entertaining and definitely informational. The part about Helen Keller definitely makes me want to throw up!

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