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Wild Sky (Night Sky Series, Book 2) - Melanie Brockmann, Suzanne Brockmann

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Looks like the Brockmann team have come up with a new idea of vampires. Good, I was getting a little bored of the old ones. Seems as if they are everywhere anymore. These are a definitely a different breed in the fact that they breed certain "Greater Than" (mostly women) with specific gifts (everyone's is different) and keep them in a closet and drain their blood slowly and mix it with a few other things and inject it into their system. Supposedly, it's a great high. But after a while, it will kill you. But it's great while it lasts.

Apparently, this was the second book in this series and while I did not read the first book, it was mentioned several times and I got the gist of what I missed for the most part. However, I still don't know what happened to turn the world into how it became the way it is in this book. I do think that did lead to lesser enjoyment of this book. Nonetheless, I did find the book somewhat entertaining. Sometimes, Sky's whining got on my nerves a few times. But apparently, the authors were just trying to make it real and it is about teenagers. It could have been a little more enjoyable with all the reality for me though.

It is certainly a different perspective of a dystopian novel and I did find it for the most part entertaining. I think not reading the first book, put a damper on some of my understanding of what was actually going on in this world of the Brockmann's and felt kind of left out of a few things. Apparently, the way it was left, there will be a third in the series and I'm not sure if I will be reading it or not. I'm still feeling kind of like something happened and I was left out of the loop.

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