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The Heart Goes Last: A Novel (Positron) - Margaret Atwood

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This was my first book by Margaret Atwood, yes I know where have I been? It's not because I was trying not to. I just hadn't had the chance so far. I will say that this one was definitely a different kind of book. Not sure if this is an usual kind for her or not. But, in the whole realm of reading, it was a different kind of reading.

I very much enjoyed reading the book and it definitely kept me interested. There were some definitely far out things going on in this story. I never did understand why they lived in regular housing for one month and then a prison cell for another month and then start the trend all over again. That was kind of strange. However, I guess it kept life from becoming monotonous. Also, I'm not sure I would like to share my house every other month with someone else either. But, it sure beat living in a car. I couldn't imagine that.

There were some pretty creepy characters in this story. Some of them felt almost too robotic as if they felt no emotion or had no feelings. But the main characters felt and acted human.

There was some mention of sex in here, but it wasn't that bad and it was referred to several times, but it wasn't like in the romance books or anything so I don't think it would be enough to put people off.

I thought that while the story was strange, it was very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it especially if your into dystopian novels.

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