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Jury Town - Stephen W. Frey

4 stars!  #JuryTown  @StephenWFrey  @amazonpub
I really liked this book. A group of people have decided that they can influence the way big trials are judged and they are determined to do so. No matter what it takes, even if it includes murder. So a lot of jury tampering is taking place all over America in a lot of the bigger trials.

Because of that the Attorney General has decided to try a new way to conduct trials. There will be 200 people housed in a building that used to be a prison. They will not be allowed to leave or have any communication with the outside world. The group still tries to tamper with these people.

It's amazing what this group will do and what people will do for money or power. Of course, this takes place in Washington, actually Virginia. I found it to be a very interesting and entertaining book. There were some pretty tense moments and some rather sad moments when some of the characters you really liked were killed. Although I have several Stephen Frey books on my shelves, this is actually the first one I've read by him. I knew I bought those other books for a reason. He writes good books. HA! I totally recommend this book.

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