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The Hidden (Krewe of Hunters) - Heather Graham

4.5 stars  The Hidden @HarlequinBooks @HeatherGraham

I LOVED this book. I've read Heather Graham before but never the Krewe series. Boy, have I been missing out. This was a great story and I loved all the characters, well except the bad guy, of course. I am still seriously wondering why Lieutenant Gray changed his whole attitude.

I tried to read this all in one sitting, but my pills kicked in and I just couldn't do it. But I seriously believe that if it hadn't been for the pills, there would have no way I would have been able to sleep without knowing the ending! It was a reunion of ghosts!! I thought it was funny where the carving of Jillian was and amazed that no one had found it and stolen it yet. Guess they're all too high and happy in Colorado to go around grave robbing. Ha!!!

Anyways, this was a really entertaining book which definitely held my interest and I would definitely recommend it. I have always liked Heather Graham's books and have completely missed the Krewe series, I've got to get myself in gear and get onto this series.

Thanks Harlequin Books and Net Galley for the free e-galley in exchange for an honest review! I found it every entertaining and enjoyable!