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Come Rain or Come Shine - Jan Karon

2.5 stars #ComeRainorComeShine @PutnamBooks  #JanKaron

This was an okay book for me. It was a little too spiritual for me, but the story, I think, was good.

My main complaint about the whole thing was the fact that the author would start a paragraph or a chapter and say he or she. There were about a dozen or so characters in this story. I had no idea which he or she it was. Or it would be Reverend. There were two Reverends. It was pretty frustrating. At one point in the book the groom had two sets of parents there. Then it would be mom or dad, which one? Say a name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I obviously became VERY frustrated and because of that did not really enjoy the book as much as one typically could. I would be reading, having absolutely no idea who I was reading about, unless the author decided to give me some type of clue in the following paragraphs.

I gave this 2.5 stars, because what I did get out of the book was a touching story although I am pretty sure I missed most of it because of skipping the parts that I didn't know who it was about. And that surprises me because I know this author has written several other books. I'm not sure if its the editing or what, but as this was my first by her, I was not impressed.

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