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The Girl from the Train - Irma Joubert

5 stars!  #GirlFromtheTrain  @IrmaJoubert

I absolutely loved this book! One of the best books I've read this year. Will definitely be on my top 12 for 2015! It was about the Jews and WW2 and it mentions Auschwitz, but it wasn't about that at all. It was about a little girl who was on her way to Auschwitz but fled from the train at six years old and was found by a Polish boy/man of 19 years old. He takes her to his family farm where she lives for three years, but they can't keep her for any longer. His real family is growing and his mother tells him he must find a new home for her. Plus the mother is worried, the little girl is after all, a Jew. He finds an article in the paper where they are looking for Aryans to be adopted by South Africans. He takes her to several orphanages until he finally ends up at a Red Cross one that is aware of the project and says they will take her. He has no idea what happens to her nor she him for ten years.

Of course, the book lets the reader know and it's a mesmerizing tale that kept me totally engaged throughout the whole book. Then they find each other. Find out more, buy, borrow, rent the book!

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