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The Girl in the Maze: A Thriller - R. K. Jackson

4 stars!  #GirlintheMaze @JacksonJPL Okay, this girl is hearing voices worse than me? HA! I'm intrigued. Actually it's not a funny subject, but it is a creepy one in this book. Supposedly Martha has been discharged from the asylum and considered normal as long as she takes her meds. What the doctors don't know is that she's being placed in a home and a job that has lots of secrets with ghosts that only want to talk to her. Is she still crazy or is something else going on?

I could not put this one down. Well, there was this one chapter with some crab claw dude that I'm pretty sure came from the author's Woodstock days, because it was totally cray cray and out there. It really didn't go with the story and seemed like a commercial break. Besides that, the book was very fast paced and definitely held my attention. I could tell just a small bit that it was a debut book, but it did not take away any enjoyment for me. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is into psycho thrillers. This girl had a LOT of crap going on in her head but at the same time she was so smart! It was definitely disturbing!!!

Thanks Random House and Net Galley for providing me with this free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. It was both entertaining and enjoyable!