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The Last Pier - Roma Tearne

3.5 stars

For me, this book was very slow and VERY confusing at the beginning and then I realized that I wasn't supposed to know how Rose was killed. That was the story and the mystery of the whole book. However, I do have to say that this book felt as though it was translated from another language and not done very well. There were many parts of it that I did not understand. I did get the gist of it, but there were many times I wasn't sure if it was just filler, if I should be getting something out of it or if it was just over my head. A lot of it didn't relate to anything.

There was also the fact that the story would jump around a whole lot. I would be reading thirty years ahead and all of a sudden it would jump thirty years back or vice versa without any warning or heads up. That was confusing at times. While all the questions to the mysteries were answered, I'm going to say the stuff that I did not understand was fluff meaning this book could have been told in a much shorter version and would have made for a much better book.

I would like to thank Gallic Books and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review this entertaining e-galley in exchange for an honest review.