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Crooked Little Lies - Barbara Taylor Sissel

This book started out pretty slow for me, but I think the author was just trying to give you a human quality and a feel for the characters which really kind of left me with an emotional bond with them at the end of the story. You have one character, Lauren, who fell several stories and who had been in a coma for a while and had received some brain damage, but was doing better everyday. Then you have Bo, an early twenty something who has several types of brain diseases who people call the "town retard". Then you have his stepsister, Annie, who isn't really either brain damaged or diseased, just kind of slow and immature.

After you really get to know them and the story takes off, I really began to like it a lot. There were a lot of things going on around these people and a lot of things going on in their heads. The paranoia of ex-drug addiction and lack of self esteem also became a subplot in the story. The author really did a great job of getting what was in their heads onto paper. It was very believable and raw for me. I highly recommend it!

Thanks Lake Union Publishing and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.