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The Color Of Water In July - Nora Carroll

I was a little pensive when I downloaded this "read now" e-galley from Net Galley. I always assumed that the "read now' books were ones that weren't that great and needed as many reviews as possible.

Well, this book has changed my view. I really liked this book. It was a well told story of family secrets that were kept for a very long time. Almost too long.

The beach house and the whole scenery sounded wonderful and I know I would have a hard time giving it up especially with all the mostly good, some bad memories.

I'm glad this book did not go on any longer. I was really getting irritated and bored with Jess and Russ. She was boring to read about during that time. Thank goodness, the author had put in chapters that went back to the history of Jess and Mamie in between this time or I would have had a hard time finishing the book.

I really, really liked the ending and I knew it wasn't a jellyfish.

I want to thank Lake Union Publishing and Net Galley for allowing me to read and review this very entertaining and enjoyable read. I definitely recommend it!