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Tropical Depression: A Billy Knight Thriller (Billy Knight Thrillers Book 1) - Jeff Lindsay

I miss Dexter! :(

This book is so different from the author's Dexter series. It kind of reminds me of old time mysteries in some instances, but with a modern day setting. The main character, Billy Knight, puts out a lot of sarcasm, I chuckled out loud several times.

While this book started out pretty slow, setting up the characters and everything - I think he didn't have to spend so much time looking for Roscoe. Although I did like hearing about Key West - love that place!

But once the story took off, it did not stop. The villain in this story was on a mission and had no mercy for anyone, be it kids or women. I saw the lightening scene way before it happened, but that was about the only thing I got right. HA! I think we will have to wait until the next book to see if Jeff Lindsay is able write a better book that takes off a little faster. After years of Dexter, I imagine it has to be hard to start all over from scratch. I know I will be reading it.

A huge thanks to Diversion Books and Net Galley for allowing me the opportunity and for providing this entertaining book to read and review.