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Below the Water Line: Getting Out, Going Back, and Moving Forward in the Decade After Hurricane Katrina - Lisa Karlin

4.5 stars! What a positive thing to do when everything in your life feels negative. Write a journal and then write a book. I really liked this story even though I'm one of the Houstonians who saw firsthand how some of the Katrina victims treated volunteers. Upset because they just got sandwiches at the Astrodome, that was just sad and I know not typical of all the evacuees.

I feel this story was well written and I'm surprised that the author was only drinking one bottle of wine a day. HA!! I did the evacuation for Rita and I feel the author's pain. Took us like twelve hours to make a three hour trip to Temple (where we ended up) and I lived on the Northwest side of town. Not fun at all!!

Anyways, back to the story. This family (as well as others, I'm sure) deserve a medal or something for putting up with what they did. I could not imagine my house being damaged three times in a dozen years. It was good to see all the people that did help and the sacrifices that people made. I didn't know about Betty White flying out the penguins, that was very charitable of her.

I felt this book was very entertaining, informative and emotional. I want to thank Centennial Publishers and Net Galley for allowing me to read and review this book.