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Diamond Run (Phil Mahood) (Volume 1) - Michael Croucher

Wow, a vicious, hardened criminal will stop at nothing to get any diamonds he knows of as his last job. Anyone helping him is dead after the job is done. He leads a bloody path everywhere he goes, and has been at it for five years. Can he be caught? How many more victims will there be?

And this is also a ghost story! I have never read a book that had both of those genres until now. And this ghost actually plays a major role in the story.

What a great book it was! The beginning was a little slow while introducing all the characters, but after that, the story took off with a flourish. I so wanted to finish it in one reading, but I was so tired I HAD to go to sleep. No matter, I had a nice little start to my morning today.

This was my first book by Michael Croucher, it won't be my last.

Thanks Library Thing for providing me with this free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. I was thoroughly entertained!