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Friction - Sandra Brown

I haven't read a Sandra Brown book in a long time. I love her mystery part of it, sometimes the romance can get a little explicit for me. That is true to this book as well.

It seems everyone is out to get Crawford Hunt after he has finally got his shit together, the people who want to get him start coming out of the woodwork. And boy do they come out of the woodwork. And, it's one of those deals concerning who do you trust? Everyone is a suspect in this story.

I had a enjoyable time reading this book. It started off with a child custody suit and then the next thing you know, someone enters the courtroom and starts shooting. It doesn't stop there. The pace is fast, the story good and the characters and the story were believable.

I want to thank Grand Central Publishing and Net Galley for allowing me to read and review this very entertaining read. I highly recommend it.