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Hostage Taker: A Novel (Eve Rossi) - Stefanie Pintoff

I was literally holding onto my seat while riding the rails on this journey! I'm finally able to breathe now that I've finished the book. Someone takes over St. Patrick's Cathedral holding hostages and why? The reason was totally jacked up, but apparently the hostage taker was as well. And, you will never guess who it is.

This book was entertaining almost from the very first page. I just sped through this one, it was that good. And the way he would do the hostages was very different and intriguing. They were looking to find one smarter son with this guy. This book kind of reminded me of the TV show "Scorpions", which I love. They are all smart in their own ways and are using their illegal passions to track down other criminals.

Thanks Random House/ Dell and Net Galley for allowing me to read and review this book. I found it very entertaining and highly recommend it!