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The Library at Mount Char - Scott Hawkins

Okay, this was absolutely the strangest book I have ever read and I've read a lot of books. I realize as I'm reading it that I have absolutely no idea what is going on. However, I keep reading. There were so many strange things going on that I had to read it to see if it would tell me WTF happened during this story in English. Ha!!

Alas, I got towards the end and all was explained. Thank you Mr. Hawkins, I will no longer be pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. That being said. I really did like this book and yes there were some pretty gory things going on. Unfortunately, I don't think I will ever forget what Jennifer did to Margaret and her need for Listerine. That was about the grossest thing I'd ever read.

I'm pretty sure a lot of you will want to give up on it because it does get very confusing. But, I say stay with it, it actually is a pretty good read.

I would like to thank Crown and Net Galley for providing me with this free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. I found it highly entertaining and would definitely recommend it.