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The Heartbreakers - Ali Novak

I thought this was one of the better YA's that I've read in a long time. From looking at the description I thought it was going to be a different book. You know girl meets boy, hates boys band and the rest of the book they are going back and forth regularly. And the girl is wondering about 50 million times, "Do I like him, does he like me..." However, this one was quite different. There were many more things going on in this book to where it wasn't just about the girl and the rock star.

I found the characters to be reasonably pretty mature (well, mostly the girls, Ha!) and not cheesy. It seemed to be pretty realistic to me and I was thoroughly entertained by it. There were several instances of several emotional moments and I thought they were handled well, also.

Thanks Sourcebooks and Net Galley for providing me with this enjoyable e-galley in exchange for an honest review. I highly recommend it for YA's and adults.