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What You Left Behind - Jessica Verdi

I really, really liked this book. It started a little slow to begin with, but it didn't me long to really feel something for the characters in this book. The story seems very genuine and is narrated by a 17 year old boy looking at a future in soccer. Then his girlfriend gets pregnant. She also has pretty advanced cancer. Leaving him without his girlfriend with a baby to raise. He's mad at the world with this new situation, but he's determined to do the right thing. Unfortunately what he really wants to do and what he has to do are two totally different things.

I love all the emotion put into this book and loved the characters. I'm hoping for a sequel so we can find out how Ryden and Hope end up getting along. This one is a GREAT YA book and I even enjoyed it myself. Warning: you may just tear up a few times.

Thanks Sourcebooks and Net Galley for providing me with this free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed it.